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These two dreams have come after I have experienced some radical changes in the way that I will be able to do my normal work due to Covid and I have been asking God about direction on where to go and what to do.

The first dream:
God drives a truck: Large organization/business. My life, career, ministry, involvement in projects
Cauliflower: Vegetable- results of the fruit of my labor. Provision.
Dumping: Large volumes, overload
Front yard: In the future

God says that He commits to provide abundantly in the ministry that I will be involved with from now on. I don’t have to do anything to make this provision happen. God is completely in charge of the supernatural provision and it is tied to the work that I have been doing for a long time now- “picking the fruit” of my labor.

The second dream:
I am with three other people in the house (4 people in total)-Symbolic of direction
The open windows: The Lord is giving a prophetic insight into my life
Basket: Provision
Fruit in the basket: Provision
From East to West:
East: A new beginning.
West: The end of a phase in my life
Breakfast: Promise of provision. Involvement in something that brings deep satisfaction “It is enough” in the dream
Every morning: Something new
Floating basket: Supernatural act of God

Repetitive imaging that point to prophetic insight and supernatural direction
and a promise of something new and the end of a previous phase in my life.
A new beginning, something new, something that brings deep satisfaction- all new things.
Provision of supernatural provision again being repeated a few times.
God is doing something new and deeply satisfying in my life and he will provide everything that is needed. Once again, there is nothing that I have to do to contribute to the outcome.