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This dream is for me and about me.
Again during the time of change from the way that I have been able to do my work in the past to significant changes. I have been offered a big opportunity to step into a position of large influence and asked God to tell me whether I should take it.

The first part of the dream is factual. I do work in aged care and my patient load is significant. A lot of patients are very unwell and dying and I am unable to help them all.
There is a very long corridor in the building: Passage to something new- be ready for change
The old man that was very demanding: I was immediately aware of this man who seemed quite out of place in the dream. Warning from God in the middle of having to make this big decision that that initiative would not survive difficult times. I turned around from the decision, saying that I have too much to do.
My father is taking two cars out of the garage at the back of the building.
The garage indicates that the ministry that has been in the passive, resting phase for a while is now being mobilized by the Lord. My real father’s name is Izak, (The God of Israel, Izac and Jacob)
Backyard: This ministry has been put on the backburner because it appeared impossible to happen.
To leave shortly means that God is preparing for things to start “moving shortly”
Hot chocolate: Frienship, sweet fellowship and encouragement form the Lord
Coffee: A call to wake up and see what is going on.
Can also be sweet and bitter moments to come on this new road