Reply To: Boy dream


Hi Jennifer,

When people smile at each other or hug each other or even kissing each other in dreams and visions, it speaks of favor. It means that you have favor in their eyes or the person who is kissed has favor in the person’s eyes. The fact that you like to take care of this boy speaks of you caring for whatever the boy represents.

Watching over a person also speaks of praying for a person, in your case, whatever or whoever this boy represents. Feeling at peace speaks of the will of God. It means that you are in line with the will of God by caring for this boy.

What does the boy represent? The boy could be literal, meaning that you might have a personal relationship with a young boy in the future (mother-son relationship). Maybe an adoption or foster care or something similar. On the other hand (in a spiritual sense), this boy may represent a ministry or a business situation, or a job situation that is not new (not a baby boy – See the meaning of “Baby boy” below) but a few years old already (young boy). This speaks of a situation where you are starting to like this business or job situation and that everything in this job or business situation or spiritual ministry favors you.

You like what you are doing and you are happy about it and you have favor in the eyes of the people involved in this situation.

Baby boy: Babies symbolize the beginning or the birth of a new ministry or business or job situation. A baby boy or a young boy speaks of renewal in a ministry or in a specific situation. In a natural sense, babies do sometimes symbolize the beginning of an endeavor or a close relationship or a common purpose, or a common goal.

You need to find the trigger of the dream. That will indicate what the young boy represents.