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Basie Martins

Hi Gina,

This is definitely an emotional restoration dream (if it happened already). At the time that you had the dream, a few things bothered you and it triggered this dream. The separate cars speak of you and your boyfriend not equally motivated and supporting each other in regard to what bothered you. There were a few trust issues (hiding the picture and lying to you), they were busy with worthless stuff (video games).

Losing your shoes speaks of not being willing to carry on with whatever the dream was all about (maybe your relationship with Bryon or a business venture or a project). The searching for the shoes speaks of you going through a lot of trouble to stay willing to proceed. This led to you also losing your purse. This speaks of things that are important and valuable to you now also missing because of this situation. Then you lost your car keys and that speaks of you losing your motivation for whatever this dream was about. The cellphone that kept malfunctioning speaks of you not being able to communicate with your boyfriend as you wanted to. This speaks of a communication breakdown.

It appears that other people were involved in this situation and they had a very negative impact on you and Bryon and your relationship. The small automatic rifle speaks of this person shooting very negative words toward you, or if he did not shoot, then harboring negative words of critique toward you (and Bryon) in his heart. It speaks of wanting to criticize you and possibly Bryon as well. He really attempted to hurt your “motivation” and relationship. Remember a car may speak of a business situation as well. I am just giving you different scenarios because I do not know the trigger. When you realized that the person was dead, it speaks of you realizing that he was taken out of the picture and no longer a threat (separation). It means that you did not have a relationship with this person anymore.

I am assuming that it was one of your old dreams that you had a year or two ago. If it is a new dream and this did not happen yet, watch out for people and this specific person. They cannot be trusted and they will try to harm your relationship. In the dream, they were involved all the time in causing you not to proceed or to leave or to advance. They kept you struggling.