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Basie Martins

Hi Jennifer,

This dream is either a warning by revealing to you that the guy who wanted you has an attitude or personality of conflict, anger, vengeance, hate, and fury, because he wore a red shirt in the dream. Clothing symbolizes our spiritual preparation for ministry and/or for life in general. It speaks of what we prepare ourselves for and how we generally act (conduct). He probably prepares himself to argue and to cause dissension when he interacts with people. This could be why he got annoyed so easily.

On the other hand, blood-red (when it has a positive meaning in the ream), crimson-red, and rosy-red have positive meanings.

Blood red speaks of the penalty of sin which is death. This color was used inside the tabernacle and it speaks of the blood of Christ who became death for us so that we can live.

Crimson symbolizes sin, suffering, or the sacrifice of sin.

Rosy red speaks of a love relationship or an expression of love. The word “ruddy” above describes a rosy red complexion. Even the offering of the red heifer, which was a sacrifice of love is a type of the Lord Jesus Christ who was slain for us being a sacrifice of love.

Scarlet symbolizes sin, suffering, or the sacrifice of sin.

The pointing at you and the verbal confirmation speaks of him favoring you, especially because he said that he wants you. If this incident did not happen yet I think that you will meet this person in the future and that you should be careful. Make sure you know him very well before you commit.

If his shirt was rosy-red then you want this guy.