Reply To: Dinner table

Basie Martins

Hi Jeniffer,

If this dream is a follow-up on the dream you had recently about the man with the red shirt, then I am afraid that both dreams were warnings. The red shirt of the previous dream indicated that the man was probably a person with a bad attitude.

In this dream, there are a few bad or negative symbols as well. You are swimming alone (In one particular sense sense, a swimming pool speaks of the excitement and enjoyment in terms of the ministry and functioning of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. It speaks of the preparation and training and excitement and joy to minister in the flow and inspiration of the Holy Spirit). This man did not take part in this. He was looking toward you through the window. So the backyard to him (from his point of view) symbolizes the past. To him, the swimming pool is in the past. This suggests that he would probably try to influence you to stop following the leading of the Holy Spirit in this regard.

Secondly, if he was a mixed-tace in the dream, it speaks of him having a bad perspective and spiritual preparation (for life or ministry). The different colors of different people in dreams and visions are very significant. Each color and each gradation of skin color in a dream or a vision changes the meaning of the dream. It changes the messages that these people bring. It has nothing to do with race. It has everything to do with color. The type of message is determined by the skin color of the messenger but also by the clothes they wear. Take note of the following skin colors of messengers in dreams and visions: Black, black-brown, black-red, brown, brown-yellow, copper-red, light brown, dark brown, white, yellow, etc. The different gradations symbolize a mixture of the colors it represents. Please look at the meanings of these colors. They are all negative.

He will also deceive you. The relationship will start with him standing on your right-hand side. (Standing means “strong” and “active” and right means “the right thing” or the right and acceptable way.” However, later on in your relationship, this man will move to your left and he will sit down. This means he will become weak or inactive and his conduct will be unacceptable and wrong.

On the other hand, in the dream, you were doing all the right things. You were led by the Holy Spirit and you enjoyed the gifts and workings of the Holy Spirit, you ate your spiritual food (teachings) and you just acted nice. The fact that your father talked to him about jobs may indicate that this person would have a problem with working. He might be lazy.

This dream and the previous dream may be warnings. Be careful not to get involved in a relationship with a particular person. He is not the right husband for you.