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Basie Martins

Hi Gina, this is definitely an emotional restoration dream. The reason why I say this is the fact that there are just too many problems (the missing or wrong keys) as well as you finding yourself in places that make it difficult for you to go to your job. In a natural sense, keys open doors of opportunities in business or in a work situation. This speaks of open doors of financial opportunities or God-given material prosperity. You were looking for the keys for a specific car but kept receiving the wrong keys (keys for other vehicles) and even a key that you do not know which vehicle it belongs to). The long rectangular golden key probably symbolized the new job or business because it was golden (revealing your hope and faith in getting it) and it was rectangular, the same shape as a door and therefore representing your hope and faith for a new business opportunity.

The baby that you held speaks of your desire for a new endeavor (job or business) and it also reflects your disappointment because you had to leave her to go to your current job.

The open door and the calm blue water probably speak of this new opportunity as well.

To me, this dream does not reveal what you should do. It rather represents all the different emotions that you currently experience. You should hand this over to God and trust him that He will help you to make the right choice. Take your time with this decision and wait on God. Do not panic or fear that you will lose this opportunity. Fear or panic causes us to make wrong decisions.