Reply To: Dinner table

Basie Martins

Hi Jennifer, no you will not end up with this guy. God is warning you in advance so that you know what to look out for. As time passes you will start to identify the bad stuff symbolized in these dreams. He will be unfriendly and aggressive, he will slowly indicate that he is against the Holy Spirit and there will be signs that he is lazy and so on. As soon as you identified this person, break up with him. Read the meaning of swimming pool in the dictionary. It is all about the Holy Spirit. It simply means that this guy would not be willing to enjoy the Holy Spirit with you and he will not be led by the Spirit of God.

He appears different in the second dream because God revealed more about him, his attitude, and his personality. I assume in the first dream he was a white man but in the second a Hispanic. See the meaning of “Man” and read the part about mixed races and Hispanics. Was he a bit yellow or red or brown? Read that meaning (the color) and then you will know more about him.