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Basie Martins

Hi Monica,

The blue sunshade canopy represents the glory of God protecting you against the threats and difficulties of life (covering). It speaks of being in his presence.

The reason why the wedding ceremony was on your right speaks of the positiveness and well-accepted nature of the event taking place. Everybody was happy with it. The focus in this dream is the bride. The fact that she is beautiful and beautifully dressed in white speaks of spiritual purity, holiness, righteousness, and victory. Dark hair is usually a negative symbol but for some reason, the bride of Christ is depicted in the Bible as a woman with dark hair. I honestly do not know why. So in this case I am not going to apply the negativity of the dark hair.

A cat symbolizes the following: Just like a leopard, cats also symbolize people who are rebellious and blasphemous toward God. Not as aggressive and arrogant as a leopard who openly rises against God but cats still represent arrogance and pride against God and his kingdom, especially when it comes to the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

In this dream, it is particularly against the bride committing to God. A wedding speaks of a covenant or an agreement or a commitment between two people. This can be taken literally but also spiritual.
The woman in such a dream sometimes represents the bride of Christ and the groom Christ Himself. In a more personal sense, the bride may speak of the condition of the local congregation pertaining to her preparation in her faith-walk with Christ. Not only the global church but also local congregations and even individuals need to pursue holiness and obedience to be transformed into a bride without stain or wrinkle or blemish and any of them can be symbolized by a wedding or by marriage in a dream or a vision.
In another sense, a wedding symbolizes a covenant or an agreement or a commitment or a contract between two parties in a matter other than a marriage. It speaks of a business agreement or any other agreement where two parties have to make commitments and agreements that will benefit both parties.

The fact that the cat was gray speaks of a mixture of truth and lies being presented to motivate the person not to commit or to agree.

Without the trigger, it is difficult to determine what this is about. The fact that the name of lucifer is in the dream suggests that this is about spiritual matters and not about natural covenant or commitment or an agreement.

I suspect that it may be about a congregation or a specific person who is committing to God like they have never done before, and a specific person or demon is trying to hinder them from doing so. This person or demon is upset with what he or she is seeing taking place.