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Basie Martins

Hi Kathy

This is a wonderful dream. The symbols in the dream overwhelmingly indicate that this dream is about spiritual matters. Because of this, the Boss in the dream is God the Father and the husband in the dream is Jesus Christ.

The report that you have written is excellent because of the following reasons: It was in a white binder and in the dream you loved it and the Father smiled at you. The indulgent smile speaks of God’s approval and it speaks of his eagerness to see your ministry and the things that He has given you and revealed to you put in a form that will reach people. This is actually what the report is. Something that you created with the help of the Holy Spirit of God that is ready to be accepted and enjoyed by the body of Christ. White means pure, holy, righteous, and victory. This report probably contains the teachings and the revelations of God that God gave you. So it is unique. It is your part that you share with the body of Christ.

The reason why I see this as teachings as well as the fact that Father asked you to prepare food (teachings and teaching ministry). Well in the dream you knew He would love it and He did because it was meat and vegetables. This speaks of solid food prepared for mature Christians or to develop people to mature. This means you are a mature teacher of God. Now, this is the trigger or the Golden Key: “I felt minuscule”. With this dream God wanted you to realize that you are huge in his eyes and that you are not small or irrelevant or tiny at all. He wants you to know this because this “feeling” holds you back. He cannot use you like He wants to if you are feeling this way. You must feel strong and able and ready to go out and hit a home run for God. According to this dream, you can.

God even asked Jesus, your husband to testify on your ability and commitment. The competition aspect to me is like Paul’s reference to we have run the race and we have made it (own words).

This ream is Gods way to tell you that you have made it and He wants you to act as a person who knows what you are in Christ and that you have everything you need right now to step out on the water and carry out the work of the ministry as a mature Christien and teacher in the body of Christ. Even the fact that the only thing you needed to do was to heat the food in a microwave oven. This emphasizes the fact that the food was ready to be consumed as you have prepared it. The fact that you were joyful and pleased speaks of how God wants you to feel about yourself in this regard.