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Basie Martins

Hi Fully Restored,

These dreams (different scenes) all have something in common, and that is that they are all about transitioning (moving from one place to another). The plane is about getting from one place to another safely through difficult circumstances (tornado and storms), the “changing clothes” is all about changing your preparation for life or for ministry, whilst you are feeling a bit exposed about it (door possibly open and your aunt’s husband possibly watching and seeing you exposed (naked) in the middle of the transitioning process), the hair turned to grey and you feeling insecure about it speaks of another transitioning process, and again you feel exposed about this transitioning process as well, the difference of Ms. and Mrs. even suggest the differences between not married with married which suggests another transitioning process and then lastly, your mom selling one house to go to another is again about transition (moving from one place to another).

A few things are clear about all this: It was probably emotional restoration dreams because of you being concerned about what your husband will think of your grey hair and what your aunt husband will think when he sees your vulnerable moment (being naked). All the transitioning processes are usually a bit challenging for anybody.

I identified certain aspects that are concerning for you: The fact that a strong worldwide ministry (airliner and the representative) could not guarantee a safe flight. A safe change in preparation (clothes and open door), being tested on the word of God (by your aunt), your thoughts because of the grey hair (I think in this case the grey does not symbolize wisdom and experience but rather negative thoughts (black and white mixture gives grey speaking of good thoughts mixed with bad thoughts) and your thinking of disguising those negative thoughts by dying it another color, the Ms and the Mrs speaks of being committed as in an agreement or a covenant or not at all committed.

If the mother in the dream represents the Holy Spirit then you may be in a situation where all this transitioning is causing a bit of “arguing” between you and the Holy Spirit, which is not sin, by the way, but, it may be that you struggle to identify the right thing to do. I do not know what the trigger was but there are definitely some circumstances that may cause or which have already caused insecurities and emotional ups and downs.

The surname “Rector” means the following: The official who has charge of a church. So Mrs. Rextor speaks of the wife of the the person who has charge of the church. The church is the bride and wife of Jesus Christ and we are in an agreement or covenant with Him.

Your deciding to write “Mrs. Rector” probably speaks of you acknowledging that Jesus Christ is the Head of the church and that we should be committed to him. This is the “icebreaker” in the class.

Maybe you can identify the trigger which will make the interpretation easier for me.

Blessings in Christ