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Fully Restored

Thank you so much Brother Martins.
Couple of things. My mom in real life has recently moved into a new house. Both residential and was looking for another church as she left where we are going.
The captain of the airliner or whoever was boarding us, made me hesitant, because of the application of “science”?
Everything else I can see exactly what you’re seeing.
The man who could have seen me undress, is actually a former Pastor who has recently left his wife and position because of an affair he had with my husband’s aunt. They’ve repented and gotten married. My heart is for him and so many that I see trapped in religious activity with no true hope in Christ.
The grey haired woman is my best friend and both of our hearts are the same towards walking in the fullness of what God has. She began to teach the class with me. After writing that name on the board, I began to hand out snacks. Not healthy ones, but rather treats. My daughter was to the right. I don’t remember if I walked towards her to the right or she was at the top right wanting some of the food. But I knew she was well taken care of?