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Basie Martins

Hi Princess,

A pillow has a lot to do with a bed. See the meaning of “bed” – A “bed” in dreams and visions symbolizes a state of rest or inactivity and even ignorance. This can speak of an inactive situation or period in the spiritual life of a person. A person waking up and rising from a bed speak of a person who is coming out of a period of resting or spiritual inactivity.
In another sense, a bed symbolizes spiritual fornication or idolatry, or lust. Other symbols in the dream will reveal more information about the circumstances of the fornication.

However, the “pillow” is more focused on the head (thoughts) of a person. A pillow “accommodates” the head. See the meaning of head: In dreams and visions, the head of a person symbolizes lordship, ruler-ship, thoughts, intelligence, and the mind of such a person. All these words are integrated and complete each other. For instance, bad and negative or depressive thoughts cause a person to rule in a bad way. The mind is the key factor in terms of good leadership. That is why Solomon asked God for wisdom. He knew that he needed the wisdom to govern and to rule efficiently.
God’s wisdom is his word. We can only rule wise when our minds have been renewed. We need to apprehend every thought and submit it unto the word of God. Our heads (minds) need to be full of God’s word and all other thoughts need to be removed and cast away.
The Bible (the word of God) sometimes can be very hard for us to understand or to accept as the true word of God. Sometimes preachers teach doctrines that we do not want to accept although it is truly the word of God. People who refuse to grasp the truths of the Bible can be regarded as people whose heads (intellect) are in the way. Through the years, many people have dreamed their heads or the heads of other people are being or have been chopped off. This speaks of people who need to obtain the mind of Christ by submitting their own minds to the mind of Christ. To see somebody losing his head in a dream or a vision is actually a good thing. It speaks of a person being delivered of false doctrines.

So a pillow may speak of a person who “sleeps” spiritually, especially when it comes to the “renewal of the mind” or when it comes to taking control (authority).