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Basie Martins

Hi Smidge,

Paint speaks of spiritual ways and means (resources) to cover shortcomings or bad characteristics and so on. Like a person painting her face with make-up. This is usually used in dreams in a negative sense. It speaks of hiding flaws. Paint can also be positive. When painting a building it speaks of spiritual “maintenance”. Paint protects the building against the elements and it makes the building look a lot better. To paint a building can also have a negative connotation. Houses symbolize people and congregations and can also speak of hiding the true nature or motivation of the person, people, or congregation.

A paintbrush symbolizes the tool to cover flaws (revealing the specific method that was used to apply the “fix”) or the tool to apply positive meanings like when painting a building to protect it and make it beuatiful.

A door symbolizes a new opportunity to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ or to minister the word of God. In a natural sense, it speaks of a new business opportunity or a new way to operate, or a new way to function.

A door frame is the structure or the foundation that supports the door. This speaks of the supportive aspects that make a door (new opportunities or new ways or breakthroughs) possible. So it also speaks of new opportunities, in a sense, but focuses on those aspects that make the new way possible (the supportive and foundational aspects that make the new way or opportunity possible).

Clothes speak of our spiritual preparation, or in a natural sense, our preparation to deal with issues and challenges in life and even with life itself. All sorts of equipment that we need to keep and store those clothes and maintain those clothes have a direct link to the condition of our clothes. For instance, the condition of cupboards and drawers that are used for storing clothes has meaning. If you hang a piece of clothing on an old and rusted steel hanger, it speaks of a person who supports his preparation for life or to deal with the challenges in life or even to deal with a specific situation, based upon and supported by but old outdated man-made ways (See meanings of rusted and steel or iron). A drawer, if used to store clothing may reveal similar truths.

In general, if a drawer is used to store other items (not clothing), the same principles are still valid but then the meanings of such items need to be taken into the equation.