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Basie Martins

Hi Roxanne,

I am so sorry. The past few months must have been very hard for you. The dream does reveal that you are still struggling with this traumatic incident. You had been hurt quite a lot so this dream is no surprise to me. It takes courage and an absolute obedience to Jesus Christ and his word and will when it comes to dealing with this and forgiving the peo[ple that have hurt you so much. It won’t be easy but with Christ Jesus, in your heart, and in your life you will be victorious.

My experience with this is that people do experience emotional restoration dreams even long after traumatic incidents, even when they think or feel that they are completely over it. It does not take much to trigger an emotional restoration dream. Anyway, I will pray for you. In fact, I already have. May God help you through this in a miraculous way and may God restore you and your life completely. I also pray that you find happiness again. In Jesus Name.