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Basie Martins

Hi Fully Restored,

Let’s start with answering some of your questions: There are no symbols in the dream that indicate that you should have raised your uncle from the dead (a typical symbol to raise somebody from the dead in a dream is a person picking up a tree that has fallen, another would have been you literally raising your uncle from the dead in the dream which means that no symbolism was used in the dream). Of course, it is rebellious when we ignore God’s instructions if we are aware and sure of what He wants or what the instruction is.

The fact that you did receive a message on your phone from your aunt does not mean that your uncle’s illness and death had anything to do with your dream. The reason for this statement is that coffins and burials, most of the time, have to do with unfinished debt or events or issues in people’s lives.

Witches in dreams and visions symbolize evil forces of rebellion. It speaks of a dangerous and destructive force or situation involving people who speak strong or bitter or negative or rebellious words. Rebellion is birthed out of bitterness. It is for this reason, that people are easily attracted to satanism and witchcraft where everybody involved treats each other with hate, bitterness, and envy.

The most common reason why we dream about witches is to be aware of their activities when it comes to them influencing other people to harm us. This is when we pray for them and instruct the evil forces behind them to stop their “maneuvers” in our lives and in the lives of other people.
We also dream of witches or see witches in visions specifically to pray for them or to deliver them from demonic oppression, especially when we are able to physically reach them. God loves them and He wants us to cast the demons out of them. He also wants us to deliver them through counseling by means of the word of God.

It appears that evil people (symbolizes as witches) have taken a stand in unity (circling around the coffin) to hurt someone or a group of people, or a family. In the dream, you take action against these bad people. You were not instructed to raise someone from the dead but it does appear that you were instructed to take action in the spirit against these people, but, also to help these people by sharing the Gospel with them and to pray for them.

If this dream was about your uncle, it then appears that some bad people (with the help of demons) had a stronghold in his life, which had to do with some outstanding debt (probably not financial but to do with something else) or some outstanding issue like unforgiveness or something similar. This thing could have caused his death because the burial never took place in the dream (meaning that the outstanding issue was never resolved or dealt with). However, I am not convinced that this was about your uncle. What I usually do when I have dreams like this, especially when I do not understand what it is about, I just pray in tongues and I make declarations in the Spirit and I pray to God to help the person or the people involved. I do this until I have peace in my heart. Because you pray about the dream, and because you pray in tongues, the Holy Spirit will make sure that the issue is resolved or dealt with. When you can see that you are dealing with demonic influences in a dream, it is always a good practice to chase them away from the people in the dream, whether you can identify those people or not.

I would not bother too much about this dream. Just do what I suggested anyway, although it may appear to be too late. It happened to me once. I was way too late because I could not understand at that time what I was supposed to do which caused a long delay (weeks). I did it anyway and I could experience quite an anointing anyway.