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Fully Restored

Thank you so much Brother Martins. I am still trying to work through interpreting my own dreams and how God is trying to speak through them. Many of them have come to pass close to what I’ve seen. It’s hard for me to understand the difference between what has happened, and what He is trying to prepare me for.
This is the same side of the family that I was delivered from so to speak.
I still love them all, but there is much confusion even to be around them. My heart wants to see them set free. Mostly of offenses. Yes. My uncle was supposed to be a minister at the church. They got offended at my Grandfather over things. The last time I talked to John at a different funeral he said he had lived in confusion since they had left. I believe his heart was sincere, but he had a very hard time with submission to any leadership. I had always totally disagreed with their decision to leave. They had pretty much been estranged from the family. Looking back I see that they saw some of the same things in the institution that they wanted free of, but it causes great confusion. It was as if there was a pretend love but always an unspoken tension. It was hard for me because they are the ones who led me back into my surrender to Jesus. After he left, that’s when my grandparents started calling me into that position. I just see now that God was in the business of dealing with my character more so than a gifting. And John was extremely focused on his gifting. He wanted to write books and become the Pastor of the church and when none of those things happened it broke my heart to see how his life ended. He had taken so much pain medication that it shut down his organs.
I don’t believe he had truly ever dealt with the offenses.