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Basie Martins

Hi Roxanne,

I think I did send you the link to The Golden Key.

If I did not yet send it to you, please click on it and read the information about how to identify the triggers that cause dreams and visions. It will help you to link the dream to the relevant trigger and that guarantees correct interpretations.

Talking on a telephone speaks of communication (with God, two-way communication (prayer) or it can speak of communication with a specific person). Anyway, in this dream, that person was the South African or a person who is represented in the dream by that South African. At first, you ignored the person who attempted to speak to you. But then you changed your mind and you responded to that person and you even apologized for ignoring him or her the first time, which is a good thing to do.

The person was annoyed at first but was probably calmed down by your attitude and your apologetic behavior. This resulted in an attitude change and that gave you favor in his/her eyes. That is why he or she decided to send you information via email. This is a positive thing. It means that you will benefit because of your attitude and because of the favor that you enjoy with this person.

I do not know what this dream is about because I do not know what triggered it. It could be a warning to prepare you not to ignore the person but to be diplomatic and nice with the person. If you do, it will have a positive result for you.

Just look up the meaning of a white woman. It is also a positive meaning and the fact that the events in the dream took place in an informal office suggests that this is all about a job situation and that the circumstances will be very nice and kind of enjoyable (informal).