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Basie Martins

Hi Smidge,

(The child (boy) was inside the room. I don’t see myself but I see from the inside, not the outside.)

Sorry, I changed the heading to “boy”.

The boy in the dream is either o young person or it symbolizes a young ministry (new but not “new” as in baby-new, more like a young ministry) or it may represent a still immature ministry.

The “gloomy” room and the “head down” posture of the child speak of some demonic influences (gloomy) causing depression and a bit of hopelessness (head hanging).

The fact that the cloudiness prevented the child or anybody else to see through the window, which speaks of something, (possibly spiritual influences) preventing spiritual insight, indicate that this child is a bit down because he (whoever he or whatever he represents) cannot grasp what is going on or what the real situation is (whatever it is all about). He cannot see into the spirit realm or he cannot see the real facts because of the “cloudy obstruction”, but, he probably knows that it is something good because of the “soft light” shining through.

Light in dreams and visions symbolizes God, Jesus Christ, and the believers (the church). God is light, He gave that light to us (it shines in our hearts) and we can, therefore, be a light in this world just like Jesus is. Light is all over this world because of the saints. We possess light. It is our inheritance and one of our spiritual belongings (light is life).
In another sense, light symbolizes the word of God. It shines on our path so that we do not have to walk in darkness.

If this is a basement, then this child is probably a grown-up now. In this case, this snapshot is a revelation of the past of a specific person, specifically referring to the “root” of his problems (the reason why he does not have spiritual insight). The “backyard” of a house refers to past incidents in a person’s life but the basement refers to past “root causes” (bad foundations) of current problems.

The next dream (snapshot) is exactly what this person needs. He needs to repent.

Bathing is a symbol of cleansing and purification. When you are bathing you are allowing God to wash you with the blood of Christ. Repentance of specific sins is symbolized with bathing. A person bathing is repenting. See “Soap” and “Shower” and “Basin” and “Bathroom” for a better understanding of this symbol.

So to get rid of the past “roots” that cause problems in people’s lives, they need to repent. This will make them happy as is represented by the child playing happily in the water. One of the things that it immediately solves in people’s lives, is that there are no more cloudy windows anymore after repentance as is symbolized by the clear glass shower door. Repentance opens spiritual insight. It actually opens our eyes so that we can see and understand the way and the word and the will of God in all situations.

This is the basis of our counseling course (our Bachelor’s degree that we launched last week).

This is a short excerpt out of lesson 1 of this course: Dr. Jay E. Adams rightly emphasized the fact that a Christian must start with a Biblical foundation and built from it a Christian methodology of counseling that rests upon and which is consistent with this foundation. We must begin with the Scriptures and we should know the word of God.

The Biblical counselor also needs to understand that man’s basic problem is a sin problem. All substandard circumstances and challenges start with sin, even in the lives of victims. It starts with disobedience and because of this, the remedy is always Jesus Christ, the word of God, and obedience to the word of God. If we begin with any other foundation, we will not be able to change people’s lives. We will not be able to set people free or to deliver them from bondage. We will not be able to bring about the behavior changes that are required. Man is responsible for his actions. Man makes responsible or irresponsible choices. When counselors really understand this, they have the foundation that they need to help people through Biblical and nouthetic counseling.