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A female person (woman) whose thoughts and mind (head) are contaminated with sin and fleshly desires (spots). Our heads need to be full of God’s word and all other thoughts need to be removed and cast away. She does not pursue holiness and has an attitude of fulfilling her own fleshly desires (spots). she has an attitude of conflict, anger, vengeance, hate, and fury (reddish spots). She trusts in herself in keeping the law and ensuring their own salvation through her own works. Spiritually, such a person is unfaithful to Christ by whoring after other methods for salvation.
Also, such a person replaces true doctrines and biblical practices with false doctrines and practices (spots). Basically, she usually does just what she wants. But she makes a right or good decision or taking actions that have good consequences that leads to deliverance or victory in a specific situation (left to right move).
There is deliverance from bondage and a particular man (man’s head) having favor with her (kiss).