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Basie Martins

Hi Fully Restored,

I have noticed that this was a second dream that you had involving airplanes. As you know, an aircraft for passengers indicates a large group of people who are involved in a spiritual form of ministry like intersession or some other global spiritual ministry. In the spiritual realm, we are part of a global ministry. We do not know who the other people are but we form part of this group of people who are all involved with a specific spiritual ministry. When you dream of an aircraft for passengers it is important to note all other symbols in the dream, to understand the interpretation of the dream.

In another sense, a person (example: well-known television preacher who influences people worldwide and who reaches and visits people worldwide), and who involved many people to help him in his ministry, can also be represented by an airliner.

In the previous dream, such a person bothered you because he could not guarantee that you will get through the storm safely and so you decided not to board that specific plane.

This dream is very similar but in this dream, you did board the plane and you crashed with it. Fortunately, you survived the crash and you moved in the right direction, which is good.

I think these dreams might be a warning not to get involved with such a person and his ministry. Your pastor’s sister is in the dream. What role does she play in all this? Maybe she is a key that could help you to identify the trigger.