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Fully Restored

My Pastor’s sister in real life is very low key. She isn’t a major part in the church. On the other hand, I’ve dreamed before about being in her house, and her eating better but not serving the same thing to her guests that she was eating. She fed everyone ham. In that same dream, I was speaking with her husband trying to comfort him on their house being out of order and assuring him that that happens sometimes. That dream also presented me with a situation where I watched a child fall several times in front of me and finally I tended to him because he was neglected. When I took him to the right to whom I thought was his mother, she said she was just watching him because his mother was on drugs.
Our Pastor has a “sister church” that I go to sometimes? There has also been another influential ministry that I’ve connected with while being there? I’m not sure if that is the sister? He has several speakers come in to our church. He’s very supportive of Andrew Womack Ministries?