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Basie Martins

Hi Fully restored,

It appears that a lot of the symbols in the dream speak of either spiritual blessings or financial blessings. There is a hint of some competition going on in this regard (some symbols suggest a bit of comparison and you are feeling a bit embarrassed about the quality and value of your vehicle in the dream, which possibly speaks of job situations or business situations that are not too bad but maybe not up to the standard that some family members or maybe even yourself would have wanted.

A cow is universally regarded as the provider of nourishment and prosperity. For this reason, it symbolizes financial provision and prosperity. It speaks of the seasonal provision or a system in which we can be provided for.

A swimming pool symbolizes the spiritual or financial situation of a family or a church. The color and the condition of the water will reveal more information on the financial situation or the spiritual condition of the congregation or the family.

It is apparent that you and your family do experience some difficulty, maybe not that serious of a problem, but, still, based on your struggles with the cows and the swimming pool.

Chickens and a chicken coop also symbolize provision and financial prosperity, and here we see a positive trend with the cow moving from left to right in front of it.

The last two scenes, the ropes, and the gun speak of a bit of dissension in this regard: A rope is a symbol of bondage, and in a negative sense, the number eight symbolizes “lost” or in bondage.

It appears that there is a bit of negative interaction with people close to you (probably about ministry or financial issues, probably competition) which is not good for your spiritual development. The gun symbolizes words of criticism or discontent or unbelief or negativity.

This may be an emotional restoration dream because of the negative interaction with people in this regard, or, it may be a message from God, revealing to you that this type of interaction is not good for you and that you should change your behavior in this regard.