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Basie Martins

(Black writing is on the top of the box over my head on the outside of the box)

Hi Smidge,

I think this dream suggests that you do not share her father’s “darker issues” with your daughter. You getting inside the box and closing it whilst you are inside speaks of you protecting the information about him (you did not start to take items out of the box, no, you got in and closed the box). The box is white because the content is hidden. The black writing indicates that the content is negative or bad.

The fact that you closed the lid with your right arm is positive which means that it is a good decision (see the meaning of “right”).

The neck of a person speaks of the responsibility or the yoke that’s been put on a person. A person who willingly accepts responsibility or a burden speaks of submission and cooperation. It symbolizes humility. In this sense, a neck in dreams and visions speaks of the willingness or the unwillingness of a person or a group of people to cooperate in a certain situation. In this case, it is your willingness to protect either your daughter or her father by choosing not to expose his actions of the past

The yellow spot does indicate that there is some jealousy or bitterness or hate involved in relation to your willingness to carry this yoke of protecting him. This can be anything, even you feeling a bit bitter toward him because of something he has done to you or that you are not particularly fond of, yet, in spite of that, you are willing to protect his past. On the other hand, it can be about your daughter. Maybe you want to protect her from jealousy or hate and bitterness, that is why you chose to protect her from the information about her father’s past. Either way, I feel this dream is an indication that you should not reveal his past to your daughter.