Reply To: Snakes

Basie Martins

Hi Jennifer,

This dream is about something in your life that is a concern for you. It is something that makes you depressed or it makes you lose hope of achieving what you want (in regard to this thing that is potentially making you struggle or does in fact make you struggle). The car speaks of your motivation about this thing. In this case, I do not think it is your job or your ministry but rather your motivation about this thing. Anyway, whatever this thing is it is not active right now because you are not driving the vehicle and you are in a parking lot which speaks of “a temporary pause” or inactivity regarding this thing.

As you know, a python, which is also known as a monster snake, is not poisonous but huge and strong. A python in dreams and visions symbolizes the workings of a strong evil spirit that operates by means of intellectual thoughts of deception by attempting to make people passive by overpowering their emotions and their will.
People are being deceived by this evil spirit to believe that everything is hopeless and they soon feel totally overwhelmed and powerless. With this attack, the enemy attempts to put a lot of pressure on people similar to the way a python squeezes the life out of its prey.
People under such a deception give up easily if they do not resist it. The whole purpose of the deception of a “python” is to get you to stop praying and meditating on the word of God because of a feeling of hopelessness.

The dream does not suggest that there is something wrong with your friend. She did see the snake and pointed out it out after all as you mentioned.

You need to find out what this thing is and go and sort it out with God. Praise and worship him as well and deal with the snake as you are supposed to: Snakes in dreams and visions symbolize the workings of the devil or the work of evil. The devil and demons are basically utilizing two strategies; to deceive or to tempt. The Scriptures above say it all. The devil and demons cannot do you any harm at all. They cannot kill you and they cannot physically do anything to harm you or your belongings.

The only weapon they have is their mouths. The only strategy they have is by lying to people and/or tempting people to influence them to sin. Both are achieved through our intellect and therefore attacks by evil are always intellectual deception.

Lying is all about bringing doubt in God and his word. The temptation is all about influencing people to sin. Both these strategies are deceptive in nature and make no mistake, if we give the enemy a foothold here it can and will result in us allowing harm in our own lives. Although evil cannot harm us, we, if we believe their lies and if we give in to their temptations, will end up being oppressed, sick, and injured. It can even result in death.

A snake, therefore, symbolizes the sly or cunning, or deceiving acts of evil. Technically, it is not an attack of power and authority that harms us. No, it is the deception and cunning influences of evil spirits to move us to believe, to say, and to do what they want us to believe, to say, and do that harm us.

The devil leads God’s people astray by seducing or deceiving or beguiling them (sly, cunning, and deceiving influences). This is done by means of reasoning and intellectual deception. The enemy is occupied with our minds. If he can get any access into our minds we are in trouble. He succeeds to control people’s minds when his reasoning appears logical or true. This is the danger area for the people of God. He never comes with outright lies.
When you dream of snakes you need to take notice. Think “deception.” Evil forces are attempting to deceive you. Remember, the devil also uses people to deceive people. If you see snakes in dreams and visions, although the deception sometimes comes through people, demonic forces are always behind it. It is important to notice that when you receive a warning of this nature, your focus should always be on God and his word, meaning the truth, to counteract the onslaught from evil forces. It is not our actions but rather the truth that we believe that defends us against evil forces. When you dream of snakes, it does not mean you must now attack demons (the wrong way of spiritual warfare). It means you must be aware of the lies and the temptation. Try to identify the specific lie and the specific temptation when you are warned about an imminent attack. Look out for lies and temptations so that you can resist them successfully. The best way to deal with lies and temptation is to be close to God. Pray, praise, worship, pray in tongues, meditate on the word of God, and so forth. This is true Biblical warfare.

When you dream you kill a snake it symbolizes that you have conquered the enemy during a particular attack. This usually happens when you managed to achieve victory over a specific area of your life where you suffered a lot of defeats in the past. This means that you managed to resist the lies and the temptations of evil forces for good in the particular area of your life. The color of the snake will reveal the area of victory.

Your mom in the dream is the Holy Spirit who is always with you to help you.