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Basie Martins

Hi Smidge,

Kitchens and cutlery and cooking equipment are all symbols that indicate our ability and opportunities to teach the word of God (preparing food). If we do not have the equipment, we struggle to cook. If we do not have a kitchen it is even a bigger problem.

Kitchen cupboards speak of “ownership”. It speaks of a spiritual ability to accommodate and “contain” cutlery (spiritual cutlery inside your spirit). The cupboard is white and the plates are white in the dream, so it speaks of purity, victory, holiness, and righteousness.

It means that a person must have the means to give people spiritual food to people that is true and holy and right.

The “means” or the “ownership” of such spiritual equipment, and the maintenance thereof does not come cheap or automatically. We have to be diligent and careful and the two hands and the reaching out to put the plate in its place speaks of commitment and organizing and arranging (see the meaning of “hands”) to ensure that your spirit is prepared and ready and that it has the ability to contain the truths of God and the word of God.

This dream is about God putting the focus on “the importance” to do whatever is necessary to be equipped with spiritual truths.

The flowers and the pretty cabinet speaks of this “ability” in you being something beautiful. It is commendable as symbolized by the flowers. and it is white (pure, holy, victory, and righteous)

I think this dream is a message from God to motivate you to do what is necessary to be able to accommodate the means and the ability to not only receive and keep the truth but also to provide spiritual truth to the body of Christ.

When this is linked to something specific (not in a general sense) like the Scripture that you refer to (Mathews 24) which is about the end times, then you need to find the context that the meanings of the symbols imply in that specific sense or situation.

It is about the word of God (kitchen, plates, cupboard). More specifically, it is about the ability to receive and accommodate the word of God. It is not about the word of God itself because that is symbolized by “food” and there was none in the dream.

This implies that the “end-time” word of God in Mathews 24 is probably not really appreciated or understood correctly because of a lack of “spiritual ability” to receive and contain that word. More and more people, even well-known pastors are more and more acknowledging the fact that end-time doctrines are very complicated and not so easy to comprehend. Many do admit that they have no clue of what end-time doctrines are all about or what it entails or how the end is going to be at all. Many pastors have stopped preaching or teaching about end times because of this.