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Basie Martins

Hi Brenda,

To understand this dream you need to understand the following symbols:

When you dream of eyes it speaks of the ability to see or understand spiritual matters. It speaks of insight into the ways, the will, and the kingdom of God.

Eyelashes (in dreams and visions) speak of “no spiritual value”. It serves only one purpose and that is to beautify a person’s eyes and face. It does not improve eyesight.

In a negative sense, alcohol represents people allowing themselves to be under the influence of other people. We should never be under the influence of other people. God should be the only person controlling our minds and our hearts. Dreaming of being drunk or using alcohol or dreaming of liquor thus symbolizes people being under the influence of other people.

It appears that either too much attention is given to this aspect (the spiritual ability to have insight into spiritual matters), or, you are under the influence of a person who “damages” your ability to understand God’s ways and His will (who influences your “spiritual insight” in a bad way). I suspect that you are involved with a person who is more in love with “spiritual insight” than in God himself.

Although, do not forget that the trigger may change the meaning of this dream because it makes the meaning more specific. It is very important that you check this aspect out at the link below:

The Golden Key