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Hello, thank you for your reply however I do not agree with this or the representations you have given. I do appreciate the reply though, but if anyone else has a suggestion too then I would be happy to hear it. Wine and champagne are often symbolic with a blessing – in this case a double blessing perhaps. Eyelashes can involve lust and therefore perhaps lust or envy is ruining a blessing. Eyelashes are also not just for beautifying ones face but they actually provide protection to the eye – so could perhaps be about not protecting “eyes” within the blessing. I do thank you for your contribution but I don’t think I’m this case it is right, and would be very grateful for some open dialogue perhaps from members too in order to discuss other potential symbolism here. The champagne was not being drunk and don’t see a blanket case for it being classed under “alcohol = drunkenness” so I think there is some deeper in the symbology for that.