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Fully Restored

In taking my dreams and visions into consideration, when there is a negative mixed with a positive it can be confusing. The fact that your eyelashes are falling off, seems to be a negative. Perhaps the covering of your eyes, those helping you gain insight into the Word, are negativity affecting you. The fact that there are two bottles that you are pouring from can mean disunity if in the negative context. I wouldn’t take the bottles to represent blessing if there is a negative symbol falling upon it. Eyelashes coming off of your eyes do not seem positive. It would seem the same to me as if someone’s hair was falling out. In every case that God shows us something, even negatively, He does so with our best interest. I believe God wants your life doubly blessed, but He wants us to see clearly how to receive it accurately. Matthew 6:22 is an amazing truth about clear eyesight.