Reply To: Pregnant

Basie Martins

Hi Jennifer,

I was about to mention to you that the warning or the message probably points to the future when I saw your comments above. You are only pregnant in the dream. The baby was not born yet so this means that whatever it is does not exist yet.

Also, the dream could be a warning of a future event in another sense as well. It may be a warning not to be influenced by another person or people (regarding ministry, a job, or a project or something similar), in the future, and the incident with your friend who wants you to or who suggested you to do your masters certainly does fit this dream. The fact that you are already pregnant in the dream does not mean that it could not be the incident that you referred to (masters degree). In such a case, the pregnancy is a revelation of what will happen if you do (prophetic).

Also, do not forget that we should never be led by dreams. We are supposed to be led by the Holy Spirit. Dreams are a great help because God does speak to us through dreams but we should always be careful when we act on dreams.