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Basie Martins

Hi Fully restored,

This dream is partly about doctrines and teachings and the word of God (side-dish, kitchen, and even the water which symbolizes the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and the power of the word that is used to water trees and flowers)

There is some conflict: The man who wants to shoot you with arrows (bitter words of resentment and critique, the husband that does not want the grandpa to use the garage that speaks of repairing ministries)

There are also some irritating hindrances like the kitchen without a wall, which speaks of your desire for freedom in the house (church), probably so that you can share the truth boldly without hindrances. Walls, in a negative sense, are blockages or camps that keep people in bondage. You also could not lock the garage because your daughter was still outside. This speaks of the little camps in a congregation among the spiritual family members. The homeless man speaks of new people coming in and the work that needs to be done with new people, especially difficult ones.

The shower speaks of you desiring a bit of refreshment in this regard (I am referring to the “institutionalized” issues that bother you) and you wanting to make a pallet for your son speaks of you wanting to bring rest and peace for the next generation or the babies in Christ by changing things for the better.

The $30 for rent speaks of people wanting perfect harmony in the church (churchless people want a church but they also want harmony) (In dreams and visions, the number three symbolizes harmony and one accord. It is the number of the Godhead. It speaks of completeness and the perfect testimony. The number 30 speaks of a high degree of need for harmony in this situation)

So this dream does reflect the interaction in your congregation and the emotions involved. It is probably an emotional restoration dream as the situation in the church bothers you enough to trigger an emotional restoration dream. You need to pray for the people and about the situation. I know that it is never easy to change congregations but it is worth a try. Slowly but surely.