Reply To: Reply Gorilla

Basie Martins

Hi Smidge,

In a spiritual sense, a gorilla symbolizes a person who is directly and openly rebellious and aggressive toward God, toward the church and spiritual leaders. In a natural sense, a gorilla symbolizes a person who is directly and openly rebellious toward people in a business or work situation or in any situation where people interact with each other. Such people do not hide their motivations or actions. They are the exact opposite of sharks (hidden) in this regard. Such a person is openly and blatantly rebellious and aggressive in their actions and outright dangerous.

I suspect that this dream is either a warning of such an incident happening in the future or a revelation of this incident happening in the past. The incident was or will be an interaction between your daughter and a very aggressive/rebellious person. Him embracing your daughter and her smiling (although with a bit of concern) speaks of the two being attracted to each other. Of course, this is bad because this person was or will be a bad influence in her life and he or she may end up hurting your daughter as well.

I don’t think she is that fond of this person but she definitely does not realize the danger of getting involved with him or her.

The licking of her gums and teeth with his tongue speaks of influencing her mind in a very bad way. Teeth are used to digest words (spiritual food), so if it is spiritual, he will influence her to be very active (actions) (right side of teeth in the mouth) when it comes to doctrines or spiritual matters or when it is not about spiritual matters, he will influence her badly regarding all sorts of convictions about life and all sorts of everyday matters and things.