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Basie Martins

Hi Fully Restored,

I just want to clarify a few aspects of the dream:

You brushing your teeth speaks of the need for the congregation to change their attitudes so that they are willing and able to accept and digest the truth (see teeth).

The person who came for you from the upper left speaks of a person who is in some way elevated (some type of advantage over you like leadership or enjoying protection from leadership, as you mentioned already). From left speaks of this being a negative incident or that it is still in the future (going to happen.

Mountains in dreams and visions speak of promotions, victories, and/or breakthroughs (strength, power, stability, and majesty). These breakthroughs and victories are achieved through effort and perseverance. People climbing and reaching the top of a mountain speak of victories and promotions through effort and perseverance. The different kinds of mountains symbolize certain additional aspects regarding the victories and breakthroughs that were achieved. So with regard to the other aspects of the dream, the congregation needs breakthroughs. Water flows from mountains to the lower areas (altitudes). This speaks of special people who are willing to put in an effort to meet God on the mountain so that they can receive the “water” from heaven (rain).

The “runoff water” represents spiritual blessings and of course the word of God that can be used to water plants (people and the church). It brings life. So in this sense, the water is as clean water in regard to the meaning of the water. In the dream, it is clear that the blessing and change are possible but there are also many hindrances that will have to be overcome.