Reply To: Pastor dream.

Basie Martins

Hi Jennifer, sorry I was caught up in setting up an online Bible School. It is quite a lot of work.

My opinion is that this dream is an emotional restoration dream. God will never expect anyone not to marry. That is Old Testament stuff. Of course, it is good if someone wants to stay unmarried to work for the Lord (as Paul mentioned in one of his letters), but, this is completely voluntary. It is up to you whether you want to get married or not.

If you want to get married, you will. If you want to get married, ask God for a good husband and be patient. Do not act in haste. You just patiently and obediently trust in God and He will give you a good husband.

There are definitely symbols in the dream that makes it obvious that this thing (whether you are going to marry or not) is being exploited by the devil. He knows it is important to you and he knows that you are upset and completely unsure and in the dark when it comes to this aspect. The reading of the palm (hand) is not Biblical. This reveals the fact that the devil wants you to think that it is your destiny not to be married. The dream did not come from the devil. He cannot give us dreams but he surely can cause emotional restoration dreams indirectly. It is explained in this post: Can Satan Deceive Us Through Dreams And Visions?

The fact that it is a pastor in the dream that gives you the message, reveals the fact that you expect or are scared that a man of God will inform you of the bad news that you are not supposed to get married as if God expects it from you. This is an emotional restoration dream and therefore it reveals your fears.

Believe me when I say this to you: God does not expect you not to get married. You are going to get married because you want to, and because you want to, God will give it to you. He gives us the desires of our hearts. When a person wants to devote all his or her time to the work of God, they do not want to get married. They don’t even think of this aspect at all.

You must put this thing to bed now. Stop believing the lies of the devil and accept the fact that nothing can prevent you from getting married because of two reasons: First, you want to and second, you have a God who gives you the desires of your heart.