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Basie Martins

Hi Monica,

It is interesting that he dreamed about the Geneva Bible. It is my opinion that the Geneva Bible is the most correct translation ever published. I even wrote a short post about it: Recommended Bible Study Tools

The white covers speak of purity and righteousness and of course, the authenticness of this Bible. The “no writing” in it speaks of God revealing to you what your brother saw (he had no spiritual insight). The glass is a “see-through” container that speaks of spiritual insight or revelation. The word of the Bible is this glass that allows us to “see”.

A “ruby” symbolizes preciousness, value, and glories. So the words in the Bible allow us to see the precious and valuable God, his word, and his ways.

A neckless symbolizes betrothal or a pledge. We are betrothed to Jesus Christ. That speaks of his commitment to the church. The bracelet is close to the heart which speaks of the joining of two hearts. He will never leave us or forsake us. It is important when it comes to faith issues that we can stand on God’s promises. Whatever God said He will do, He definitely will do. This is how faith works. God promised that He will do exactly what his word says. He pledged that if we act a certain way or if we are obedient, He will act and his word will be active in our lives. The bracelet speaks of us belonging to Christ but also us, as the bride of Christ, acting on his word in faith because of his promises. It speaks of the covenant between us and God.

So the words of the Bible (white covered Bible) and the preciousness and glories of God and his kingdom (red stone in glass), is a precious promise from God (neckless) of something so wonderful that nobody can describe it. If we believe Him and his word it gives us spiritual insight and it opens doors for us that change our lives completely.

Your brother began to “see” the wonderful truths and the glory of God and his kingdom. The bearded man was Christ and the persecution part is a reminder of the fact that when we follow Christ in spirit and in truth, we will also pay a price. We cannot be like him without being hated by the world and persecuted by the word. Maybe God wants you to take note of that.

Anyway, I am excited about the Geneva Bible in this dream. It is the best translation I ever saw. I have it available in modern English for free on the Resources Page.