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Basie Martins

Hi Fully Restored,

My first observation: This dream involves more than just you and your immediate family, also family members not staying with you and even strangers (many people).

My second observation: There is some interaction interaction between you and all these people (family and strange people). It is obvious that not only the strangers but even your family members and fellow Christians are not ready to face these storms. They are backslidden and busy with other stuff. The dog symbolizes either a person or people who are backslidden or out of control (filled with lust)

My third observation: All of you are under some threat of man-made storms and tornadoes. As you know, storms represent difficult and challenging circumstances. Tornadoes represent the same but it is life-threatening (probably in a spiritual sense in the dream)

My fourth observation: You almost forgot your Godgiven power of authority, which you did use and it had the results that you wanted. Unfortunately, you are standing a bit alone. Nobody is actually helping you and supporting you. This is why you probably feel unappreciated. I think you are sometimes experiencing quite difficult circumstances and it appears that you do not always get the support that you need. It is as if you have to look after everybody, help them, give them advice and you are not appreciated.

I suspect that this is an emotional restoration dream, but, if it is a warning of such circumstances coming your way (meaning if not an emotional restoration dream), then you must pray and prepare yourself for these circumstances so that you can stay strong and help your family.