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Basie Martins

Hi Gina,

This is probably an emotional restoration dream. It reveals your concerns and suspicions: The bottom tooth reveals your suspicion that your mom and dad struggle a bit to digest the word of God, in this case, about them being satisfied with less and not being greedy (prosperity doctrines), all the negative symbols regarding the house (dusky, dirty and many things wrong with it) reveals your concerns about what they will have to be satisfied with. Your assistance and the difficulty to financially support them or assist them are also revealed in the dream.

The steep hill and ladder symbolize the challenges and difficulties to deal with this situation. The “bear food” speaks of feeding bears (bears sometimes symbolize business people who want to make money without doing much)

The spider is an indication that your fears and concerns and suspicions (or at least some of them) are not all valid. It is a false suspicion, so I think the situation is not as bad as it appears.