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Fully Restored

Thank you Brother Martins.
My heart on this is that it is emotional restoration of events and how God has led me through this different season of the church.
I’m wondering if my not taking out the trash was me feeling like I didn’t do enough ministering in the old church to expose the garbage there? Moving on to the food vendor, or new place I have part of it in agreement with truth and taking the proper precautions and then some are angry and offended by it like the girl who just wanted the other young girl to stay?
Or maybe that was even progression of how the past church responded as well. Either way, I think the storms are Covid, and I by the Power of God’s Rhema Word to me, overcame covid last year. I’ve tried ministering that to people but some receive and some do not. Like it’s not something you can parrot, it has to be a belief rooted in your own heart. Just as you shared with me about the heart attach scenario and standing on the pure Word by faith.
Judy Garland… all that keeps coming about her, is the knowledge I had while doing a book report that she was on pills from childhood to keep her awake and make her sleep?
The wizard of Oz was my cousins favorite movie.
We are not even close anymore so her presence in my dreams are confusing.