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Fully Restored

The last time I dreamed about her, was this:
I’m at a family event, seems like at my aunt on my moms side, and there is a baby there that loves my husband and I and my uncle (deceased) begs me to sleep on the couch by her.
I ask my mom why he doesn’t just take the responsibility of her and sleep on the couch.
Like he had been under the influence or wanted to stay under the influence instead of assuming responsibility.

Next I’m in this scene where I’m watching a tv episode of the “amazing story” they call it of a day seven years ago when my cousin was engaged to her husband. Very wealthy man. I meet up with her and we are excited to tell how we’ve come to this place.
Her family was on vacation in a tropical place and a tsunami hit at the same time she was becoming engaged. She says he just pointed at her while she was walking down the street. That’s how they came to know one another.

We are now in a bathroom, and I’m looking at a can of coffee in the trash can. This is after getting our plates with her husband and we switch them. She likes what I had ordered and I was really the one who liked what she had had ordered by her husband. The fish and healthy plate. She wanted all of my croutons. I had eaten one and it was super soggy. She was asking me details about how I had met my boyfriend or the guy who likes me and I seemed uninterested him in. I told her if we had even kissed I didn’t remember it. But I don’t recall this man she’s talking about being my husband in real life.