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Fully Restored

I don’t know the trigger of the dream. Whether your real sister or someone in the family of God, but this seems like a call for deliverance.
The fact that she’s involved with two men means that she is still holding onto the world while trying to pursue Jesus.
The scripture that comes to my heart is Jesus saying that our eye needs to be single. We cannot serve God and mammon. We will either love the one and hate the other…
She is wanting to be cleansed but the toilet is backed up..flooding can mean a judgment.
There’s a lot to deal with here.
The veins on the baby, if damaged, call for deliverance as well.
Although left side, usually involves logical reasoning? Maybe you are feeling this way about her? I know as I look at the institute of the church I see this.
If you’ve observed some of her actions.
Truth will always set free. I’m learning to start with the Word He puts on my heart. Jesus said He spoke what He heard His Father say. His Word brings life.