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Basie Martins

Hi Roxanne,

As you know, the bread symbolizes either Jesus Christ (his body that was “crushed” so that we can enjoy a healthy life) and the wine symbolizes his blood (redemption).

It is a symbol of our Lord Jesus Christ and a symbol of the staff of life. He is the Word of God in the flesh. He was bruised for our iniquities (the bread being broken whenever we bring his body into remembrance when we celebrate communion). Bread also symbolizes the word of God.

He who eats Christ will never hunger again. See “Food.” Somebody preparing bread for people (sandwiches) is preparing teachings for people.

Bread also symbolizes the need to be “crushed” and “kneaded,” which speaks of an unpleasant sacrifice. To eat the body of Christ and to drink his blood (wine) speaks of receiving salvation and healing but also the willingness to suffer for Christ and the gospel.

Containers, like the bowl, speak of something that conveniently contains a substance that is either spiritually of value (blessing) or physically a blessing. In this case, both, because the bread and the blood bring spiritual and physical blessings (salvation, healing, health, financial blessings, etc)

This dream may be instructional in the sense that God wants you to remember that salvation and healing are in Christ through his suffering and act on it. Maybe you need to claim it and accept the fact that Christ already healed everybody 2000 years ago. He does not heal today, He already healed us on the cross and the whipping pole. We just have to reach out and make it ours. It was done already. Another possibility is maybe God wants you to accept that although we enjoy all sorts of blessings in Christ, life is still tough and we do still suffer for Christ if we are willing to do what we need to do. I am thinking of Torben Sondergaard who is in jail at the moment just because he is obedient and boldly spreading the gospel of Christ.

We live in a world where we can both enjoy spiritual and financial blessings and still suffer for Christ if we are willing. depending on the trigger, this dream may represent you acting in faith and obedience to one or all of the aspects that I mentioned.