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Basie Martins

Hi rev_mary,

This dream appears to be an emotional restoration dream. The fact that the dream plays out inside the luggage section of an airport (or in relation to luggage) suggests that you have quite a great expectation for your marriage with your fiance. There is a lot of “motivation” with high expectations involved here. Aircraft and airports have a few meanings attached to them but I want to put your attention to one specific meaning for aircraft:

Vehicles in some instances may not speak of ministries, natural jobs, business situations, and special movements and projects in people’s lives. It may speak of a person’s motivation in regard to something specific. This may include something that takes up our time and attention and can be physical or abstract. This is the case with aircraft as well. It is as if you want or feel that your marriage should have an impact on more than one group of people (not just close family but also distant family, co-workers, and friends wherever they are, or you have a high expectation of what you and your fiancee can achieve together.

It appears that you feel that you can influence quite a lot of people positively)(See the other meanings meaning of “Aircraft”) (Aircraft may also symbolize the fact that a specific person or ministry or business has an impact on people across borders and countries or continents. It speaks of either a worldwide influence or at least an impact or influence outside the country that the specific person or ministry or business is situated)

It appears that you need approval from people and you need them to see what you see in your fiancee and in your marriage. I think this dream is not a message from God but an emotional restoration dream. Your fiancee, your marriage, and the approval of others are important to you. This is suggested by the part where his mom’s eldest sister supported you.

I have a very simple view on choosing a husband or a wife: We should be madly in love with and excited about the person we marry. It must be a Christian and a good person. He or she must be willing to accept God’s instructions when it comes to “authority” in marriage. Read about this at this link:

I do not think that God wants you to marry a specific person that He chose for you. I believe God wants you to choose but you must choose wisely.

As you are aware of, the most important thing about a dream and its interpretation is identifying the trigger. I do not know what the trigger was and that is why I inter[preted the dream in general. See this post for more about this: