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Basie Martins

Hi Roxanne,

Look at the meanings of the following symbol:

A vehicle accident in dreams and visions symbolizes dissension and disunity. When you and a very close person, usually your spouse or a business partner, disagree on something you may dream of a vehicle accident, especially after an argument or before an argument. The damage to the vehicle and the way the vehicle got damaged reveal more information on the specific circumstances. Take note of colors and other circumstances in the dream, or the vision. Specific colors will probably reveal the reason why there is disunity. Who was the driver? How was the vehicle damaged? How serious was the damage and exactly which body parts of the vehicle got damaged? Did somebody get injured or did someone die in the accident? All these aspects tell you more about the meaning of this dream.

The fact that you did not collide with another vehicle is good. The fact that your vehicle got damaged so much that it had to be towed is bad. This means that the dissension or argument or disunity caused a lot of spiritual or emotional damage in your life. The fact that there was no other vehicle involved suggests that the disunity and argument or incident were with somebody close to you like a family member.

The fact that the vehicle suddenly sped up right before the crash speaks of the situation suddenly getting out of control.

Blesings in Christ