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Toilet (Passing urine) = speaks of a person who dealt with a particular sin in his life. He has conquered over that sin.

Window = exposing what is on the inside?

Woman = church or congregation

Larger than normal symbol/s = Excessively big sometimes indicates that the specific aspect has been a problem or an influence for a long time or a very big problem.


During my alone time with the Lord yesterday, I told Him to remove ANYTHING in my life that slowed or prevented me from growing closer to Him, anything that hindered my walk with Him. I also submitted the sin of my pride to Him in particular.


God is telling me that I have surrendered a very big problem to Him by opening up my soul/spirit to Him. Because of that openess/surrender to Him, the sin has been conquered. The particular sin may have been my negative feelings and attitude towards our local church congregation for not being open to the Leading of the Holy Spirit or for not seeking a spiritual revival or awakening. It is my attitude and me not trusting and leaving it up to God for bringing about the change that might be the sin represented here.