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Young girl = literal girl or spiritually immature believer?

Brother = speaks of likeness or character or relationship. In terms of relationship, it speaks of us needing to get along with our Christian family because we are family. In terms of character and likeness, it is all about us being like each other.

Door = symbolizes a new opportunity to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ or to minister the word of God.
In a natural sense, it speaks of a new business opportunity or a new way to operate or a new way to function.

Locked door = denied access?

Bow = In a positive sense, Christians use bows and arrows like they do a sword (sword of the Spirit). In another sense, Christians are shooting arrows of love, peace, hope, revelation, victory, and deliverance into the hearts of people when they proclaim the gospel of Christ or when they preach the word of God

Father’s bow = God the Father. His bow. ie sword of the Spirit with authority ie accompanied with special annointing and power?

School = It speaks of the spiritual school of the Holy Spirit and also of the school of life.

Late = time is short? Need for speed?

Coat = symbolizes our spiritual preparation for ministry and/or for life. A cloak symbolizes an anointing and a covering from God. It speaks of what a person decided to be or prepared to do in their lives. It is an attitude that they put on. It is a decision on how or what they want to be.

Theater = people who are not themselves, who do not show their true identity?

Tools = spiritual tools, gifts of the Spirit, word of God, training. In a negative sense it could be tools of the enemy

Argue / fight = evil vs Godly? Perhaps speaks of deliverence ministry?


This sure seems to me to be about a new ministry to new believers or those that wish to become new believers. Time is short and there is a need to prepare for this ministry. It will be with a team of others who are like minded and/or to help bring the “students” up to a level of like mindedness. Once these new believers reach some level of spiritual maturity, spiritual doors to new levels of relationship with the Father will begin to be unlocked for them. Right now those doors are locked to them. Since this will be a ministry to new believers or those who wish to be, there will be a need for leadership training for me in deliverence ministry skills. To equip for that, I am being shown that I will need a new coat of spiritual annointing, education and tools. Right now the enemy has more tools than I do, or at least he would like me to think so. The time is short and I am presently not fully prepared but I can become so or else God would not be showing me this.