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School = speaks of a place of learning. It speaks of the spiritual school of the Holy Spirit and also of the school of life.

Soldier =? believer, spiritual warfare

Soldier uniform (clothing) Clothing symbolizes our spiritual preparation for ministry and/or for life. In this case a “soldiers uniform” may speak of equipping for spiritual warfare particularly.

Store room = (warehouse) symbolizes a large church or congregation. This speaks of a church or a congregation that is able to support many people with their resources. They are usually capable of giving service to many people and even other denominations and churches because of the religious material and the vast resources that they have.

Name – Dave Cohen = The name David means beloved. The name C.o.h.e.n. is the English version of the Hebrew name K.o.h.e.n. which means “priest” in Hebrew

Bed = symbolizes a state of rest or inactivity and even ignorance.


Because I purposely spelled my name incorrectly indicates that I have been unsure of myself and am not bold enough in who I have been spiritually. When the soldier knew my name, recognized my name right away with no hesitation, it indicates that God is *not* unsure of who I am and that he knows me personally. Dave or David is Jewish and the last name Cohen is Jewish also. The Jews were God’s chosen people. I believe this indicates that I have been personally and individually chosen by God and he is equipping me for ministry (the soldier uniform) The name David means beloved. The name C.o.h.e.n. is the English version of the Hebrew name K.o.h.e.n. which means “priest” in Hebrew. Therefore I believe that God is telling me that he sees me as a “beloved priest” A soldier is a man of war and the soldier’s uniform I believe indicates the equipping for spiritual battle. The fact that my uniform was incomplete indicates that there is a need for more equipping and that God wants me to seek it. Right now I am only partially equipped. But the fact that the soldier was getting my stuff together at that moment indicates that God is preparing me and equipping me so as to be ready soon for effective spiritual warfare. I think He may be telling me to press in and persue Him and His Holy Spirit gifts now and not let things or circumstances delay me. It is time to get up off of the bed of spiritual inactivity and get busy equipping for spiritual warfare. The school setting indicates that perhaps I should seek not only Holy Spirit led rhema and logos teaching but be open for Christian based ministry education that has a focus on spiritual warfare