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Flying = Is when a person victoriously rises above earthly or natural laws or natural ways of life. This is when a person experiences life supernaturally. Things supernaturally achieved in faith falls under this category.

Captive = ?

Neighborhood = ? A place where those in need tend to be concentrated in numbers. The needs can be physical/natural such as those needing health, finances, etc or spiritual such as deliverance and/or salvation. Perhaps an on fire biblical based church might fit this. A place where many come to be blessed, healed, delivered etc

Man = A man in dreams, symbolizes a messenger from God with a message from God. some men are not messengers from God but in fact messengers from satan or at least representing themselves, with deceiving messages or lies or erroneous opinions.

Woman = symbolizes the church or a congregation or a female person, usually the person in the dream or the vision.

Shooting = A revolver shoots bullets (missiles or fi ery darts or spears or arrows) which speak of words of criticism or discontent or unbelief or negativity.


Even though my attackers were white, their intent was to destroy me or what I represented. I am apparently “victoriously rising above earthly or natural laws or natural ways of life and experiencing life supernaturally. I am beginning to see this actually take place now presently in my life with occasional miraculous healing of those I pray for as well as mechanical things experiencing miraculous repair after prayer. It appears however that possibly the church and or individuals, or more likely, individuals in the church will try to “take me down” with “words of criticism or discontent or unbelief or negativity.” That makes sense since the church I attend does not teach this and does not practice the gifts of the Spirit.