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Race = ? Living for Christ, enduring hardship, persistence

Bicycle = symbolizes a person’s personal or own ef f orts or zeal regarding his personal ministry or prayer-life.

Motorcycle = symbolizes a person’s personal prayer-life and relationship with God. a person praying under the power of the Holy Spirit.

Woman = symbolizes the church or a congregation or a female person.

mother = symbolizes the Holy Spirit

Child = Children in dreams and visions symbolize Christians who are immature and still under guardianship. These are people who need to be spiritually protected and supported by mature Christians.


In my life for Christ, the church body might be a hindrance, slowing me down spiritually and blocking me from progressing. On the other hand, in order to run the race effectively so that God can use me to win souls for Him, I need to live a Holy Spirit filled life as His help will give me a much needed boost and assistance when it is needed the most