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Lots of related buildings = global church?

Cleanup work outside = evangelism outside the church

Woman = the church or a congregation

Woman stopped = stagnant church?

Numeral 4 = nature and knowledge. In a negative sense, the number four symbolizes ignorance.

Numeral 5 = God’s grace to men in terms of provision and financial blessings. The number five speaks of the blessings of God which speak of life. In a negative sense, the number five symbolizes fruitlessness or bareness.


I believe that God is showing me that the global church is stagnant, ignorant spiritually as well as barren and fruitless. When it comes to evangelism, they are no where to be found. They are what we call MIA or Missing In Action.


If there is a personal practical application, I believe that maybe God is showing me this because perhaps He wants to use me to do my part to help reverse the present state of the global church. By incorporating the previous dream interpretation on this same night into this dream, God may be saying He wants me to concentrate on growing quickly spiritually through proper training and to then seek to do my part to help the global church reach it’s full potential. I am not yet aware of the part that He wants me to be active in but am confident that He will lead and direct me as needed