Reply To: Rope Ladders



Gymnasium type room? = exercising spiritually to build and tone spiritual muscles.

ladder = speaks of spiritual activities in a ministry or work-related situation which leads to promotion. However, a ladder indicates that this will be a result of our own efforts and it will be a slow or a gradual ascent. A ladder is difficult to climb, not like stairs.

Making ladders without instruction = man trying to grow spiritually on their own without guidance from above or through others.

Woman = the church or a congregation

Women’s nice clothing = spiritual preparation for ministry and/or for life.

The rearanging of the clothes = rearranging one’s life or how the church does things so as to be ready for more efficient spiritual growth.

Me trying the ladder and failing = God showing me that what others are doing may not work for me.


Our local church body is honestly trying to grow spiritually and are making headway and even preparing for greater spiritual growth but it is still too slow for what God wants for me. That method will not work for me. I need to look for a faster and more efficient way of growing spiritually.


It appears that God is reaffirming that He wants me to seek instruction on the things of the Spirit in order to maximize spiritual growth more efficiently